TP-Link AX1500 vs AX1800 [Which is Better?]

We give you a detailed version of the ax1500 vs ax1800 range. So that your hunt of getting the best possible wifi router in your budget can be accomplished quickly. WiFi connection has become the necessity of the modern-day. Everyone who possesses a smartphone or any other smart device needs it in each home. Not only at home, but we also need it in our offices, schools, universities, or any other workplace. Even there are public wifi connections as well.

So from where do the internet signals come? A router is what delivers the signals of wifi to any other space. So, for decent wifi, you just need a decent router.


Feature Tp-link ax1500 Tp-link ax1800
Price Check Price Check Price
Wired or Wireless Wireless Wireless
Pace of WiFi signals in GHz 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz
The pace of WiFi signals in MHz 300 Megabits per second to 1201 megabits per second.  574 megabits per second to 1201 megabits per second. 
The extent of Wifi Signals  Upto three bedrooms Upto three bedrooms
FEM technology  Absent  Present
processor Tricore processor Quad-Core processor
Voltage  12 volts / 1 ampere 12 volts / 1.5 ampere 
USB port Absent  2.0 USB port available. 
Bandwidth Dual Bandwidth Dual Bandwidth

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tp-link ax1500 setup

How to connect

Ax1500 manufactured by tp-link is considered as a premium router as it is regarded as the most suitable router for the inflexible budgets as well. While looking at tp-link ax1500 vs ax1800 Reddit, We have seen it as the most affordable router in the market, offering the best available features.
Talking about its features, you should notice its ultra speed with wifi 6 enabled. Its transmission rate is high, and it has a frequency of 300 Megabits per second to 1201 Megabits per second.

The coverage is highly durable, and it enables more devices to connect simultaneously. The battery life is also extended than previous models, and you will see it is highly compatible with older versions. It has a frequency of 300 megabits per second on the bandwidth of 2.4 gigahertz and 1201 megabits per second on five gigahertz.

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✅Has an extended battery life.
❌Anti-malware software is absent.
✅Easy to install.❌No USB port is available.
✅Possess a tri-core processor.
❌Devoid of LAN ports which are multi-gig
✅Enables more connections simultaneously.❌Not compatible with the bandwidth of 160 Megahertz.

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Tp-link ax1800 setup

How it works

In comparing tp-link ax1500 vs Netgear ax1800, it is evident that tp-link 1800 has exclusive 1.8 gigabits per second next-generation speed and a quad-core processor of 1.5 gigahertz. The most special feature you will experience after having this router is its 2.0 USB port. The USB port upgrades the connectivity feature in this version.

Moreover, you will see its low power utilization, which lessens the consumption of electricity and extends battery life. The password security tool is also there to ensure the perseverance of wifi. You can also Get the Tp-link ax1800 Here

✅Secured wifi password tool.
❌Performance at 5Hz is average.
✅1.5 Gigahertz tri-core processor.
❌Has some connectivity buffers.
✅Works swiftly.
✅Consumes less power.

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So, after reading the detailed note on ax1500 vs ax1800 vs ax3000 and ax1500 vs ax1800 Reddit, it is concluded that the most upgraded version is tp-link 3000 while the least upgraded version is tp-link 1500. While tp-link 1800 provides users with a range of features between tp-link 1500 and tp-link 1800.



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