TP-Link AX1800 vs AX3000 [Which is Better?]

Tp-link introduces a variety of routers within the range of WiFi 6. Whether you are looking for ax1800 vs ax3000 Asus or Netgear ax1800 vs ax3000, you need to go through all the specs and compare them with your requirements. Asus rt-ax56u ax1800 vs Asus rt-ax30 are almost identical, so you need not worry about if you are making a wrong choice or not.

They can be bought via e-marts or on well-known marts. Tech stores also have them. So, each of them is readily available. You just need to pick a decent model for yourself. The cost of the tp-link ax3000 driver and ax1800 wifi six router varies on Walmart and is cheaper, so you can consider Walmart while making a purchase.

AX1800 vs AX3000 Comparison 2022

Price Check Price Check Price
WiFi normWiFi 6WiFi 6
Rate of internet connectionsCombination of 574 megabits per second and 1202 megabits per secondCombination of 574 megabits per second and 24032 megabits per second
Ethernet spots4 ports are available.4 ports are available.
Aerial receivers44
USB connectivity spots2.0 USB connectivity port3.0 USB connectivity port.
The technology of OneMeshOne Mesh version 1.0 is available.Not available.
Home CareNot available.Available.
Paternal managementRefining URL
Time management
Refining URL
Time management
CoverageLimited to three bedrooms.More coverage than AX1800.
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TP-Link AX1800 or A20

AX1800 showcase

While talking about tp link ax1800 specs, you need first to know that it works faster than your typical router. It works perfectly fine at the speed of 1201 Mbps. The upgraded version will function perfectly at this general speed with a band of 5GHz. However, this 5GHz will not be able to take the burden of more devices simultaneously.

If you are getting the router for yourself or not many people using the same wifi at your home, it will not be a big deal for you. But if more people need an internet connection simultaneously, the market has a better option for you at the same price. TP-link ensures the availability of signals up to three bedrooms. It is also known as the AX20 version of the tp-link ax1800 setup.

✅Full gigabit ethernet ports available in tp-link ax1800 manual.
❌Quality of service is not available for operation.
✅The ability of dual-band up to 1775 Mbps.
❌Slower in speed than other existing models of routers.
✅Has four ethernet connectivity spots.
❌Absence of Anti-malware operating system.
✅Suitable for WiFi 6.❌16MHz is not available.

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TP-Link AX3000 or A50

AX3000 design

The updated tp-link of this tp-link ax3000 range is suitable for a home or a workplace that needs more connecting devices as it works perfectly fine with more devices connected to it. We have seen the router has the capability of connecting up to 40 devices simultaneously without limiting the speed of the internet. With the dimensions of 10.2”x5.3”x1.2,” it can be easily placed anywhere.
Its 2402 Mbps speed also provides users ultra-operating speed. You will see better parental controls in this upgraded tp link wifi 6 ax3000.

✅Four connectivity ethernet spots.
❌Enables a single Tp-link with mesh extension.
✅Upgraded version of WiFi 6.
❌Antennas can not be detached.
✅Allows USB connection with a 3.0 port.
❌Single USB port available.
✅Comparatively greater in speed.
❌Tp-link ax3000 driver has some operational problems at 160Mbps.

You will experience four times faster speed in this router. Tri core processor of 1.5 GHz is built inside an ax3000 wifi card with an external antenna. As the name suggests, the router enables AX technology with a data range of 802.11a and 802.11b. It is suggested that it is the most suitable and preferred router at this price. Trusted sources such as the New York Times consider it a ‘Top priority.

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Feature  AX1800 AX3000
WiFi norm WiFi 6 WiFi 6
Rate of internet connections Combination of 574 megabits per second and 1202 megabits per second Combination of 574 megabits per second and 24032 megabits per second

Netgear ax1800 vs ax3000 is discussed in detail here. While talking about the speed terms, it is seen that the ax1800 wifi 6 router works slower than the ax3000 mesh. If you are not familiar with gigabit internet connections, then both routers will work perfectly for you. But as discussed earlier, AX3000 enables connectivity of more devices as compared to AX1800. Within the range of three rooms, the setup of both routers is outstanding.

Both the routers are different in terms of software. You will experience free HOMECARE software pre-installed in AX3000 or AX50. However, there is no HOMECARE in AX1800 or AX20. Compared to the AX3000, AX1800 possesses a One Mesh feature as forthcoming coverage.

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TP-link ax1800 vs ax3000 reddit

Reddit suggests that the upgraded version of the tp-link routers is highly admired. AX1800 or AX20 is US $99 and varies up to the provider. The AX3000 or AX50 costs US $162.28. With a great difference in speed, the AX3000 comes in the first place. The AX1800 provides the HOMECARE feature with better parental controls.

If the budget is limited and you need it for yourself, the best available option is AX1800. More reviews of AX routers suggest that they are a better option on a limited budget. Still, the ax3000 review also emphasizes the annual cost of HOMECARE after the trial period, which makes it expensive.

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Your requirements will help you decide the best router you want. But comparisons like ax1800 vs ax3000 Xiaomi or Asus rt-ax56u ax1800 vs Asus rt-ax30 aids you in purchasing the most suitable option. If you are not comfortable with the HOMECARE feature, just do not go with a tp-link router, as they will be problematic for you if you purchase one. But aside from that HOMECARE feature, the brand ensures durability and long-lasting models of the routers for the comfort of the users.

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