Garmin Edge 520 vs 530 [Which is Better?]

Every other person who uses a bicycle has a world-trotter within themselves who aspires for new adventures. Some people prefer to stick to the old-level tasks that don’t require any support from the newest invention. Regardless, you could be a rider who enjoys going on bicycle trips to unusual locations and is concerned about missing your sense of navigation in the center of the road. That’s when you’ll appreciate a device with a GPS built inside.


Garmin developed both of these bicycle computers, the 520 Plus and the 530, in the same way, with many similarities in the operation and the components. To learn more about the similarities and differences between them, we must dig into them more. The Garmin 530 is the most recent model to follow the Garmin 520 and 520+, therefore it will undoubtedly have an advantage over older versions of the device.

Comparison Chart

ParametersGarmin 520Garmin 530
Price Check Price Check Price
Screen2.3 inches or 5.84cm2.6 inches or 6.6 cm
Resolution200×265 px246×322 px
Weight62.5 gm75.8 gm
2.9 x 0.8 x 1.9 inches3.2 x 0.8 x 1.9 inches
Battery15 hours20 hours
Screen TypeColor ScreenColor TFT
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Life of the Batteries

The Edge 530 also outperforms the Garmin 520 Plus in terms of battery life. Garmin 520 Plus offers 15-hrs battery timing. The Garmin 530, on the other hand, has 20-hour battery life.

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Mode for saving battery life

Garmin 520 vs 530 battery saving

Moreover germin 530 is offering higher battery capacity with the basest power-saving mode. The battery saver option extends the life of the 530’s battery to up to 48 hours. Sadly, the Garmin 520 Plus does not include a battery conservation function, which is unusual.

Capacity of Processor 

Processioning speed of 530 is much faster than the other one gamin 520. In the Garmin 530, this resulted in significantly faster path estimate and re-routing.

Presentation & Resolution

Comparison ParameterGarmin Edge 520Garmin Edge 530
Battery Saver ModeNot availableAvailable
Processor SpeedAverageIncreased processor speed
ConnectivityBluetooth, ANT+Bluetooth, ANT+, WiFi
ClimbProNot availableAvailable
Mountain Biking MeasurementsNot availableAvailable
ForkSightNot availableAvailable
Nutrition and Hydration TrackingNot availableAvailable
Nutrition and Hydration NotificationsNot availableAvailable
Edge Battery Pack SupportNot availableAvailable
Bluetooth Smart SensorsNot availableAvailable
Bike Alarm FeatureNot availableAvailable
Heat and Altitude AcclimationNot availableAvailable
API Support for Training PlanNot availableAvailable
Performance Power CurveNot addedAdded

All fundamental elements of the display are the same for all Garmin 520, 520+, and 530 cycling computers. When it comes to presenting goals, though, the Garmin 530 has a significant advantage over the 520. The overall presenting objective for the Garmin 520 and upwards is 200 × 265 pixels, whereas the 530 has a little more pixels at 246 x 322 pixels.


Another significant difference between devices is their accessibility. Only Bluetooth and ANT+ were supported by the Garmin 520 Plus. Whatever the case, there has been no Wi-Fi network. The Garmin 530, on the other hand, functioned in Bluetooth, ANT+, and Wi-Fi networks. This is a significant improvement over the Garmin Edge 530.

Materials Employed

DimensionGarmin Edge 520Garmin Edge 530
Screen Size2.3 Inches2.6 Inches
Item Dimensions2.9 x 0.8 x 1.9 inches3.2 x 0.8 x 1.9 inches
Battery Life
15 Hours20 Hours

Each of these devices is built of tough and durable acrylic that can readily withstand any weather condition. Despite this, the Garmin 530 includes a crystal touch panel rather than the lower-quality acrylic display seen on the 520 and higher-priced bicycle computers.

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Cycling Safety520 by Garmin

Cycle mount

Garmin Edge 520 Plus makes mountain hiking safe with a variety of unique features in addition to reducing routes. You’ll get alerts of approaching automobiles and be visible to other people if you combine it with rearview radar and smart bicycle lighting. you would also love to tell and share your riding stories with your riding gangs.

Cycling Safety530 by Garmin

By keeping you connected, this PC ensures your safety. Once the device senses an event, you can set up emergency contacts to be notified of your area. Furthermore, if the location of the user’s bike moves during a pit stop, users will be informed.

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Customization for the Garmin 520 Plus

Another of the best aspects of this device is its ability to be customized. Before riding, users can use a variety of applications to check the climate and see if either you’re going beyond your maximum possible power. The product can be customized to show the statistics you want to see.

Customization of the Garmin 530 Plus

The Garmin Edge 530 bundle includes the Link IQ Store, which allows the user to create the device by using its free components.

Is the upgrading to the Garmin Edge 530 from the Edge 520 and Edge 830 worth it?

The Garmin Edge 520, which was released in 2015, is perhaps the most popular option in Garmin’s cycling range, as it offers a nice mixture of capabilities at a reasonable cost. It was updated last year with the Edge 520 Plus, which added full-fledged routing protocol maps while keeping the majority of the other features similar.

Usually, I’m a fair of ride a cycle but I do love to ride in the months of summer I love to ride while 60 to 100m daily and I’m not good at remembering my ways that’s why I have Edge 520 to help me a lot. As a result, an alternative with routing protocol maps appeals to me.

Usually, when I update a device, I prefer to upgrade rather than just acquire the new model, so I’ve been debating if it’s worth acquiring the Edge 830 over this or other Garmin choices.

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Price is always is the biggest decision in any case you have to buy either is a smartwatch or something else. With the watch line, where the premium Fenix 5 Plus is less expensive than the newest Forerunner 945 and the FR645 is the similar price as the FR245, the bike tracker selection is a bit more straightforward. Because the original 520 appears to be out of production, the Plus model seems to be the only proposed alternative.


Mostly on sale, you may get any type of bike tracker with several capabilities listed above. However, the majority of them are simply duplicates of the same internal components with various labels. This is why the label Garmin comes into play because they produce some of the greatest bike monitors and are always improving them with cutting-edge design and industrial tests.

All of the bike monitors in the Garmin 520 Plus vs 530 articles are made with high-quality elements that make the item more accessible to the general public.

As a result, you can read over anything described in this brief article and choose the finest Garmin bike monitor.

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