Garmin Drive 51 vs 52 【Which is Better?】

For quick travel, a cell phone with either Google Maps or Apple Maps is ideal. A specialized GPS, on the other hand, is still a superior option in long driving because it has more capabilities. When it comes to automotive location tracking, Garmin is one of the leading companies. Garmin’s entrance Drive 51 and Drive 52 automobile guidance systems are simple to use and include features like Driver Warnings, Advisor reviews, map refreshes, and more.

We analyze the Garmin 51 and 52 in this article and see how they vary so you can determine which one to buy.


Garmin Drive 51 vs 52 side by side comparison

Garmin Real Directions, preinstalled Foursquare data, TripAdvisor reviews, lane guidance with intersection view, and more are all available on the Garmin Drive 51 and 52. Both are uncomplicated GPS systems with both visible and voice control. The voice is a little artificial and out of date, but if you can get beyond that, the vocal guidance is rather decent. When recommending you to stop, both GPS systems employ monuments and places of interest rather than merely place names. This is useful if you don’t know how to pronounce road names or if you’re in a strange city and don’t recognize most of the roads. 

Both Navigation systems have driver alarms that will warn you if there are kid zones, steep bends, speeding fines, and other hazards ahead. They also include posted speed markers on the display that will alert you if you are over the legal limit.

Comparison Chart

Features 51 GPS navigation 52 GPS navigation
Options of maps  U.S  U.S and Canada 
Options of traffic No options of traffic  Traffic options 
Physical measurement  W 5.5 / H 3.3 / Depth 0.8 W 5.5 / H3.3 / Depth 0.8 
Type of display  WQVGA color TFT

With resistive touch 


With resistive touch 

Battery hours  Can last to 1 hr Can last to 1 hr

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ModelGarmin Drive 51Garmin Drive 52
Available Models– USA + CAN Lifetime Maps
– USA Lifetime Maps
– USA + CAN Lifetime Maps and Traffic
– USA Lifetime Maps and Traffic
– Drive 52
– Drive 52 and Traffic
Dimensions5.5 x 3.3 x 0.8 inches5.5 x 3.3 x 0.8 inches
Weight6oz (170.8g)6oz (170.8g)
480 x 272 pixels
Resistive touch
480 x 272 pixels
Resistive touch
microSD card compatible
microSD card compatible
Preloaded Street MapsYesYes
Map UpdatesYesYes
Garmin Real DirectionsYesYes
Foursquare POIsYesYes
TripAdvisor RatingsYesYes
Speed Limit IndicatorYesYes
Driver AlertsYesYes
BatteryUp to 1 hourUp to 1 hour
Screen size

The Garmin Drive 51 and 52 will inquire about your area and speech when you turn them on. After that, you may start using it or experiment with the options to alter things like voice notifications and mapping styles, among other things. The GPS gadgets have the same appearance and interface, which appears to be a little antiquated, but they function well. Although the text is solid, it is big and legible.

You may search for relevant areas or check the satellite image on the main screen. If you ever want to change the level, voice alerts, or anything else, go to the options menu. Smidge displays are available on both the Garmin Drive 51 and Garmin Drive 52 and Traffic, although they do not enable inter-input. 


If you want real traffic reporting, we propose the Garmin Drive 52 for Traffic, despite the fact that they are basically identical. They have almost the same set of functions, as well as a similar layout and user interface. They also have the same appearance. If you’re searching for an entry-level Gps unit for your vehicle, we suggest the newer Garmin Drive 52 or the Drive 52 and Traffic, as these are newer versions with perhaps greater long-term maintenance.

Garmin Drive 51 Review

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