Garmin vs Apple Watch: Which is Better? [Comparison]

It is a worn wristwatch that can do a range of functions, including talking on the phone, texting, and checking email. The Apple Watch must all be paired with an iPhone model or later running iOS 8.2 or above and within a 33-foot range to operate. The watch may connect to an iPhone through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, depending on which is available. Applications may be reordered, alerts can be set, and new apps can be downloaded via the iPhone app. Swiping and tapping are the primary methods of navigation on the Apple Watch interface, which was created with the wearer in mind.

Using the Digital Crown, you may enlarge text, browse through menus, and enter data into the watch. The OLED touchscreen of the regular Apple Watch has an illuminance monitor to reduce distortion. This year’s Apple Watch lineup includes an extremely durable gold Apple Watch Limited and a rubber-banded Apple Watch Sport with an Ion-X picture frame.

For ordinary usage, the Apple Watch has a battery life of 18 hours, but in Power Reserve mode it has a battery life of 72 hours. A USB connection connects the watch to the same charger as an iPhone, which is held in place by a spherical electromagnetic charger.


Display type  Sunlight visible



Sunlight visible



Weight  80g with case  95g with case 
Battery life  Up to 14 days with GPS 9 days with health safety
Sports app  Built in with update options  Downloadable easily 

What people say about Garmin vs apple watch 6 is that the apple watch is quite expensive whereas Garmin has all the specs at an easy price. But Garmin vs apple watch 2020 models are quite expensive due to their special edition.

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To meet the needs of top athletes and newbies alike, Garmin has a wide range of high-tech timepieces. Many different functions are accessible models, but all of these will assist users in quickly identifying their daily exercise routines as well as long-term patterns. Smartwatch-like functions like message alerts and audio playback have begun to appear on activity trackers as technology evolves. Garmin responded to this by introducing a series of more sophisticated devices that provide clients with the greatest possible fitness tracking system combo.

Unlike a normal watch, a Garmin can tell the time, but this is just the start. In reality, a Garmin watch is a little microprocessor tied to a complex repository of biometric data. In addition to keeping track of your daily aerobic exercise, the monitor also alerts you to any incoming phone calls or texts.

Sprint triathlons and sportsmen who want to keep tabs on every aspect of their training, as well as their body’s performance, are the intended audience. However, this innovation isn’t limited to just one class of people. To aid folks who are striving to become more active, fitness apps may let them keep track of how far they have come.

Models & Price difference 

The variety of Garmin watches and the variety of Apple Watch variants is dissimilar. Aside from the Apple Watch 3 ($199), which is no longer available for purchase, there are no other alternatives for a replacement. It has a little different look and a slightly different set of functions but all of them come in two sizes and with the ability to answer phone calls or messages from your wristband.

You’ll have so much more options when it comes to purchasing a Garmin watch. The Garmin Au moment de series, and especially the Garmin Vois pas 2 Plus ($449), is the default wristwatch. The Garmin Forerunner 245 ($299), for example, is more of a player’s watch with built-in audio memory and structured training features than the Preceding series. For those looking for an inter-watch that can last for weeks on a single charge, go no further than the Garmin Fenix 7 ($699). But Garmin vs apple watch 5 is approx. os same price.

Detailed Comparison Chart Chart (Latest Generation) 2022

Product Name Apple watch series 7 Garmin Venu 2 Plus
Predecessor Apple watch series 6 Garmin Venu 2 and Venu 2s
Models GPS + Cellular | 45mm + 41mm 43mm
Release Date October 15, 2021 January 4, 2022
Parent Company Apple Inc Garmin
Operating System watchOS 8.0, Chipset: Apple S7 Garmin OS
Compatibility iOS Android, IOS
Competition Fitbit Sense, Garmin Venu 2, Fossil Gen 6, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4/4 Classic Apple Watch 6, Fitbit Sense, Ticwatch Pro 3, Fossil Gen 5
Suitable For  Lifestyle, Health, Sports Primarily Sports

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Design Detailing

Squircle-shaped, with a color smartphone screen, electronic crown, and side push button, the Apple Watch is immediately identifiable. It resembles a little computer that sits flat on your wrist. All of the top Apple Watch versions have the same screen and bezel thickness, thus there is no significant difference among them. For those who want an always-on monitor mode, the Apple Watch 7 is the only current alternative.

All Apple Watch models are available in a variety of metal and coloring coatings and may be worn with any of the top Apple Watch bands. Amazon and other second shops may also sell you, bands. Garmin smartwatches come in a number of colorways, but not all of them feature replaceable belts. In addition, you’ll see that all Garmin watches are cylindrical, save for the Garmin Venu Sq. talking about Garmin vs apple watch 7  which are designed the same way.

Health Care & Calories Tracker 

Fitness and health tracking capabilities abound on both the Apple Watch and the Garmin watch. Each and every one of these devices has the ability to measure your pulse rate, walks, and the number of calories burnt. Apple Watch aims to develop a nightly practice and everyday sleep goal, while Garmin delivers more in-depth sleep cycle analyses and monitors SpO2. With the release of watchOS 8, Apple Watch sleep monitoring now tracks the rate at which you breathe while you sleep.

You’ll want to check over the device’s specifications in addition to these basic measures. Apple Watches all have GPS, but not all Garmins have. We know, it’s strange coming from a GPS business, but the less expensive watches don’t have the capability of monitoring their own position. The tracking system of Garmin vs apple watch se is comparatively much better but these smartwatch watches always had tough competition.

Which watch is more supportable 

If you came here wanting to discover a real victor between the Apple Watch and Garmin, I’m sad to report that it’s more complicated than that. As we’ve just discussed, both devices have outstanding health and wellness monitoring tools, high-end technology, and information apps.

The Apple Watch is the superior wristwatch. All-around, it’s a fantastic device. There are many ways to personalize the Apple Watch and it may also be reasonably priced at times. Being so adaptable, it may be worn to the workplace or to the gym with equal equanimity.

Apple Fitness Plus enhances the network’s functionality. If you can afford it, the service is a simple method to keep yourself engaged and on target. The competition between Garmin instinct vs apple watch and Garmin Venu sq vs apple watch.

Frequently Asked Question

What about the heart rate accuracy?

Garmin vs apple watch heart rate accuracy is the most accurate but if these both are compared then Garmin is better.

What are the reviews according to Reddit?

Fitbit vs Garmin vs apple watch Reddit says that both watches are superb and they are still in between the competition.

For running, which watch is better?

Garmin vs Apple Watch for running. The GPS of Garmin is much better than the apple watch hence Garmin wins. Venu sq Garmin vs apple watch also beats the apple watch

Difference between Garmin s62 vs apple watch?

The only difference is the operating of the Garmin watch on a single charge which is very much better than the Apple Watch. Whereas Suunto vs Garmin vs apple watch has the same charge level.

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