LG CX vs C1 |【Which is Better?】

Is it worth paying more for LG’s new Cseries OLED display? and if you have CX, you should buy C1? We’ve covered both LG cx vs c1, so we’re pretty familiar with both 4K OLED TVs. the kits look very similar, which could mean that it would be better to save money and buy an older CX (while you can). However, as always, specs and looks can be misleading, so let’s dive into the details of design, features, apps, picture quality, sound, and more to determine which OLED is best for you.

Design and build

From an aesthetic point of view, LG C1 and LG CX are two pieces in one capsule. Both have the same support frame, smooth but wide and low, making the whole space larger. Buy one of the most expensive LG Gallery Series kits, LG cx vs. c1.

LG CX vs C1 Comparison Chart 

Screen sizes 48”, 55”, 65”, 77” and 83” 48”, 55”, 65” and 77”
Resolution 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
Supported formats Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG
Refresh rate 120Hz 120Hz
Ports 4x HDMI 2.1 4x HDMI 2.1
Audio 2.2 channel sound 2.2 channel sound
Smart TV software webOS 6.0 webOS 5.0
Processor α9 Gen 4 AI Processor 4K α9 Gen 3 AI Processor 4K
Voice assistant ThinQ AI, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant ThinQ AI, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

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Both have ultra-low input latency of around 13ms (C1 also has an input latency increase mode designed to reduce input latency for 60Hz gaming to 9.6ms, but we couldn’t do that. It works during testing. However, CX lacks Freeview Play, and not all major UK apps are up to date at launch.

Here’s a home button press on CX that overlays a range of apps and fonts on everything you view, while the same button on C1 takes you to a new full-screen home page, which sounds like a step upstream. Ultimately, what you like will come down to your personal preference, but the simplicity and streamlined layout of the webOS 6.0 home page meant we missed out on the previous webOS 5.0 dashboard less than expected. Sports Apple AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth.

Alexa voice assistants

It is slightly thinner than its predecessor and has many shortcuts to access your favorite streaming services. However, the actual function of the former magic remote control pointer remains. In the end, there is very little difference in the feature sets of the two TVs, but a slightly improved processor, a complete set of applications (for the UK at least), and the Optimizer. Comfortable play means the C1 is simply superior to the old CX.


Size                LG C1 OLED         LG CX OLED      
48-inch $1,499.99 $1,499.99
55-inch $1,799.99 $1,399.99
65-inch $2,499.99 $1,999.99
77-inch $3,799.99 $3,299.99
83-inch $5,999.99 N/A

The C1 is part of LG’s 2021 TV lineup. It is relatively new, so the price remains stable. It comes in five sizes, including the new 83incher: LG OLED48C1: £ 1,499 ($ 1,500, around AU $ 2,800) LG OLED55C1: £ 1,699 ($ 1,800, around AU $ 3,100) LG OLED65C1: £ 2,499 (around AU $ 3,100) AU $ 4,500 approx) LG OLED77C1: £ 3999 (AU $ 3,800, AU $ 8,495) LG OLED83C1: £ 6,999 (AU $ 6,000, AU $ 8,000 approx) LG CX offers balance and best dollar balance in LG’s 2020 TV lineup. It was explored more than a year ago, so the price was very similar to C1 at the start; in general, it has dropped a lot now.

The CX LG is available in four sizes and here’s the price at the time of writing: LG OLED48CX: £ 1,199 ($ 1,400, AU $ 2,795) LG OLED55CX: £ 1,199 ($ 1,400, AU $ 3,095) LG OLED65CX: £ 1,799 ( $ 2,000, AU $ 3,995) LG OLED77CX: £ 3,199 ($ 3,100, AU $ 7,995). The CX is the less budget of the two TVs, but if you prepare in the meantime, the C1 will likely be downgraded to similar levels by the end of the first year. Of course, this means you’ll be very patient, as you can get a lot out of CX right now.

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HDMI Ports

C1 and CX each have four HDMI 2.1 ports. Although the PS5 and Xbox Series X come with an HDMI 2.1 cable, you need to buy an HDMI 2.1 cable.

Game Mode

The LG c1 OLED tv is brighter than the cx OLED. In testing by RTINGS.com, the C1 delivered 611 nits of brightness when playing HDR-enabled video games using the TV’s Game Mode settings. However, for accurate HDR display, we recommend using a minimum of 500 nits.

Picture Quality

HDR BrightnessLG C1LG CX
Real Scene Highlight ?628 cd/m²
563 cd/m²
Peak 2% Window 767 cd/m²
749 cd/m²
Peak 10% Window 762 cd/m²
804 cd/m²
Peak 25% Window 412 cd/m²
457 cd/m²
Peak 50% Window 278 cd/m²
320 cd/m²
Peak 100% Window 131 cd/m²
152 cd/m²
Sustained 2% Window 2729 cd/m²
633 cd/m²
Sustained 10% Window 2725 cd/m²
768 cd/m²
Sustained 25% Window 2392 cd/m²
433 cd/m²
Sustained 50% Window 3263 cd/m²
302 cd/m²
Sustained 100% Window ?125 cd/m²
147 cd/m²
Automatic Brightness Limiting (ABL) 20.109

In terms of its characteristics, the C1 is very similar to last year’s CX, which can be called excellent. However, several improvements have been made, especially in motion handling (the new cinematic motion option is fantastic) and noise reduction (frequency range has been significantly reduced). ), Both TVs deliver vivid, crisp and detailed Dolby Vision content, and OLED’s perfect deep blacks are equally impressive on both TVs. They are also very crunchy.

With standard definition content, the C1 is slightly brighter than the CX and shows darker details, but we’re talking about a reasonably small headroom here as well. The image quality has improved over the CX, but it isn’t, and the minor improvements made are worth it, especially if you’re usually sensitive to motion processing. Taking an even more significant step forward in image quality, you now have the option: the more expensive LG G1 with a new OLED Evo panel for brighter, more transparent images.

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Sound quality

The LG C1 has the same speaker setup as the CX. The C1’s have low sound than CX, but LG OLED c1 vs. cx offers excellent sound quality that you will love.

Conclusion: Which is best?

C1 is a super choice if we compare LG OLED c1 prices, and C1 has upgrades that cost about 10 percent more than the CX price.
If that doesn’t bother you (LG has a strong history of providing ongoing support for its OLED models lately), the LG CX still offers best-in-class performance and features at an affordable price point. Moreover, it has many super qualities that make the best TVs for you. So, you can be bought now anyone among LG cx vs. c1. However, promotions don’t last forever, so check in early to avoid disappointment.

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