Nanocell vs QLED | Which TV is Better? [Comparison]

If you are a big fan of home theatres then this article is specially dedicated to you. New TV models have been launched at CES 2022 where multiple brands like LG, Samsung, etc showcase OLED vs and Nanocell TVs. 


One of the brands that patented nano cells tech is LG. This tech is only available in this brand and not on any other. Nano cells are basically LCD TVs which nowadays are in trend. These LCDs are specifically designed with multiple filters of tiny nanoparticles.

These nano cells work by putting colors in various ways. In case the filtering light is not appropriate it shows you reds, blues, and greens. 

Pros Cons
✅Nanocell has the better image quality and has bright and accurate colours.❌One of the biggest drawbacks is that blacks are not as dark as on other TVs.
✅Nanocell is budget-friendly and it lasts longer than other LCD screens. ❌It has higher power consumption which requires more electricity. 
✅It also has a wide view angle. 
✅If Nanocell is turned on for a longer time duration it won't suggest any burnt out 


QLED is somehow relatable to OLED. It has a different technology which is designed by Samsung. Q stands for quantum dots and the technology which uses quantum dots is QLEDS.

Pros Cons
✅It has a dark blast which gives a better image. ❌These qLED TVs are a bit expensive. 
✅It doesn't require a backlight and is more energy-efficient. ❌It has higher chances of burn-in if kept on for a longer time. 
✅The screen responds instantly while using it. 
✅These TVs are thinner than other LCDs 

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Which one works better? Lg Nanocell or QLED 

Choosing between Ig Nano cell vs QLED is a bit difficult as it’ll depend upon your needs and requirements. QLED TVs have LED backlights and quantum dots. If you have the features related to images and brightness QLED is the best. In bright rooms, it will give you a great view. In case you have a dark room then you might see that the brightness of QLED is a bit intense which means for dark rooms you need to choose Nano cells.

But still, if you are confused you can easily solve it by reading Ig Nano cell vs led Reddit. Over there people have given their honest opinions which surely help consumers through which they can decide easily which one is perfect for their home theatre. 


Nanocell vs QLED

Nanocell vs QLED is a bigger debate as both of them are high-tech. Nano cell is of LG brand while QLED is from Samsung. The technology used in Nanocell is LED and LCD. On the other hand, the technology used for QLED is quantum dots LED. One of the major differences between Nanocell vs QLED is that Nanocell particles play their role to improve the picture quality while QLED uses quantum dots to make their picture quality better. 

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Nanocell vs QLED which one is better?

Few people say Nanocell is better than OLED as features or Nanocell wr3 backlit LED and LCD. It is displayed with a coating that helps in enhancing the sharpness of the image. On the other hand,

OLED is a new technology and it emits its own light. It provides the best quality image while the Nano cell shows a brighter image. QLED is an LCD TV that has quantum dots. These dots are tiny molecules that are hit by light but they emit their own colored lights. 


Both Nano cell vs QLED is preferable according to the interest of people. As quantum dots used different brands like LG. It entirely focuses on the color quality and removes extra colors from the display so that It produces bright colors and shows amazing pixels. 

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Nanocell vs QLED for gaming

In Nanocell low input lag is available for gamers as upscaling in this has a greater ratio. Few of the high-end models have updated rates and have advanced features like VRR in it. QLEDs are also perfect for gaming. It has multiple features that give you perfect picture quality and you will enjoy it while playing the game.

It is basically a package where you get everything in one deal. So it is proven that both Nano cell vs QLED are recommended for gaming purposes. So in case you are confused, you can go and read it on the website and it will make up your mind that you need to choose from Nanocell or the QLED. 

Comparison 2022

Types of display technology NanoCell QLED
Display Type LED-LCD QLED
Screen Thickness 35.56 mm 3.85 mm
Dimming Greyish & Bleeding Perfect Blacks
Contrast Relatively Low Infinite
Response Time 10 ms 1.7 ms
Viewing Angle ~30 Degrees ~60 Degrees
Colour Accuracy Excellent Excellent
Burn-In No-Risk High Risk
Price Mid – High High

More about Nanocell vs OLED

Only OLED has self-lighting pixels in it while both Nano cell and QLED don’t have this feature in it. Everyone wants a wide-angle so a wide view angle is only available in OLED and Nanocell. All three, QLED, are compatible with Google and Amazon. Also, OLED has built-in designed wallpaper while OLED and QLED don’t have this feature.

OLED and Nanocell have energy efficiency classes. Bluetooth is easily connected to all three of them. The above comparison between Nanocell vs OLED vs QLED will help you a lot while setting up your home theatre. 

Difference in 8k 

Nanocell 8k TV has a two-leg stand with it and has a huge display. QLED 8k TV has great resolution and 8k Al upscaling. This TV has about 33 million pixels and the resolution is doubled 4 times to give a 4K UHD result. It allows people to immerse themselves in the display. The resolutions are sharper and give the effect of realness. 

8k TVs are on the top as they not only offer high resolutions it also gives the best TV technology. You easily get the best which makes your life easy and allows you to have a world-class TV. In terms of visual quality, 8K is the best. The digital effects are created in 8k and it gives you brightness. Through this, you can easily have an IMAX feeling at your home. 

LGNanocell vs QLED Q60? 

Both of them are amazing in their own panels but QLES Q60 is more recommended as it has VA panels and produces deeper tones of black. It also has a great system for reflection handling and has brighter color accuracy. 

LG Nanocell vs QLED Q80t

Keeping in mind all the features and details Nano cell vs QLED Q80t comparisons has been so easy. The Q80t is far better than the Nankcell. Both of them have different panel types as QLED Q80t has VA panels and is perfect for dimming features that form blacks on the screen.

It gets brighter according to your requirements on the other hand Nano cell has an IPs panel and it provides ultra viewing angles. 

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Nanocell 90 vs QLED Q70t

Both Nanocell 90 vs QLED Q70t are good choices. Both of them have different panel types. Q70t has VA panels that help the display get deeper black than Nano cell. In case you are planning to watch a movie in a dark room then opt for QLED Q70t as it has bigger panels that will show you the image on a wider screen. It will give you an IMAX feel just by sitting at home. 


UHD means Ultra High Definition. It has a resolution of 3840x2160P. In UHD TV there are extra pixels per inch which are perfect for high resolutions. This is used on larger TVs so you can easily sit nearby and see the clear and enlarged image.

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