Samsung 8 Series vs 7 Series 【Difference Explained 2022】

Samsung is a popular brand in the field of technology. Except for many gadgets, it has gained a lot of recognition as far as TVs and LEDs are concerned. This brand has launched many series such as the Samsung class 8 series, Samsung class 7 series, and many others as well. You will learn what the difference between the Samsung 8 series and 7 series televisions is in this article. So, keep reading the article as you will get to know which one is having a better contrast ratio, auto motion plus, and picture quality. 

Key differences between 8 series and 7 series

You will get the answers to your questions about the difference between Samsung’s 7 and 8 series TVs here. Here are some of the key differences between these two LEDs that will let you know which one is better:

  • The difference in refresh rate between Samsung series 7 vs 8 is there to change the channels with speed. The fast-motion picture will make sure that you do not get bored while watching your favorite show. 
  • The contrast ratio is very crucial to enjoying the screen in the dark. The 8 series has a far better contrast ratio as compared to the 7 series LEDs. 
  • Another important difference is the dimming LEDs. The 7 series do not have local dimming LEDs. Whereas the 8 series have the feature of local dimming LEDs. with this feature, you can control the contrast ratio according to the light you require on the screen. You can turn off the LEDs that you do not want to remain on. With this feature, the screen will seem to be off although it is not. 
  • HDMI ports are very important as they allow you to watch your favorite content on the LED even if it is not available on your channel. The 7 series has 3 ports and the 8 series has 4 ports in it. 

Comparison Samsung 8 series vs 7 series

Parameters of Comparison Samsung Series 7 Samsung Series 8
Contrast Ratio Models of Series 7 have a lesser contrast ratio. Models of Series 8 have a better contrast ratio.
LEDs Do not have local dimming LEDs. Have local dimming LEDs.
Auto Motion Plus Have the 120 Hz auto motion plus in models. Have the 240 Hz auto motion plus in models.
HDMI Ports Has 3 HDMI ports. Has 4 HDMI ports.
Price The lesser price range of models. The higher price range of models.

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Overview and features

SizeSamsung Series 7Samsung Series 8
55-inchAvailable Available
65-inchAvailable Available
75-inchAvailable Available
82-inchAvailable N/A

Every series of the Samsung LEDs are enriched with great features and every new series provides innovations as far as technology is concerned. You will not find huge differences in different series of the Samsung but you will surely get improvements from the previous versions. Whether it’s Samsung QLED series 7 vs 8 or Samsung Crystal 7 series vs 8 series, you will enjoy features with great innovations. You will find an auto motion plus feature which does not let the LED hang just like traditional televisions. 

Whether it is Samsung 6 series vs 7 series vs 8 series, you will find a great difference in the color contrast. Although the 6 series also has great picture quality with a good contrast ratio. It is not better than the 7 series. Similarly, the 8 series has an excellent contrast ratio as compared to the 7 series. You will be enjoying your movies or matches on 4K ultra HD because of the picture quality this series offers. You will find many statements on Samsung 8 series vs 7 series Reddit.

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Contrast ratio

HDR BrightnessSamsung Series 7Samsung Series 8
Real Scene Highlight ?261 cd/m²
529 cd/m²
Peak 2% Window 165 cd/m²
709 cd/m²
Peak 10% Window 309 cd/m²
876 cd/m²
Peak 25% Window 307 cd/m²
620 cd/m²
Peak 50% Window 307 cd/m²
593 cd/m²
Peak 100% Window 304 cd/m²
575 cd/m²
Sustained 2% Window 2164 cd/m²
702 cd/m²
Sustained 10% Window 2303 cd/m²
575 cd/m²
Sustained 25% Window 2302 cd/m²
617 cd/m²
Sustained 50% Window 3302 cd/m²
591 cd/m²
Sustained 100% Window ?302 cd/m²
572 cd/m²
Automatic Brightness Limiting (ABL) 20.042

The contrast ratio matters a lot when you are finding the difference between two LEDs. with a better contrast ratio, you can enjoy more real colors on the screen. The picture quality can also get as high as you want. To choose the better ones in the Samsung tv 8 series vs 7 series, you can compare the contrast ratio. If you see the contrast ratio in Samsung 7 series vs 8 series vs 9 series, you will find all of them with the highest quality. Still, the advanced series will be offering better picture quality. So, it is quite clear that the LEDs of the 7 series have a less contrast ratio as compared to the LEDs of the 8 series. The contrast ratio of the Samsung 8 series is 8,000,000:1 and that of the 7 series is 3,000,000:1. 

Auto motion plus

Everyone has a tv at home. Before these LEDs, people had those old and traditional TVs that offered a low contrast ratio and a normal quality of the picture. The biggest drawback was the speed. Traditional TVs were slow because they did not have any auto motion. Technology has advanced and so do the TVs. Now, you will rarely find a TV in a showroom or at a home. You will be seeing LEDs everywhere. If you talk about the Samsung series, you will find these LEDs faster as compared to traditional TVs. This is because of the auto motion plus feature they are having. This comparison is about the 7 and 8 series of Samsung. So, the 8 series has an upper hand because their LEDs have auto motion plus 240 Hz in them. Whereas the 7 series LEDs have auto motion plus 120 Hz in them. 

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