Samsung Q6DT vs Q60T: Which is Better? [Comparison]

The Samsung q60t looks excellent with 4K video and upscales admirably low-resolutions images. However, Samsung can be a better pick for sports because its CPU is not as good (primarily gaming). The Samsung Q60T is sufficient for movie viewing. It has a high natural contrast ratio and a great black consistency, perfect for dim illumination visualization. Samsung released the A6dt in 2020. It has a double backlight composed of two sets of color temperature LEDs. In higher-end Samsung QLED TVs, a full array backlight is employed.

What does q60 mean on Samsung tv?

Q60 is called Quantum Dot technology on Samsung TV QLEDs, which shows more colors on the screen, and this is one trait that they all share. However, many cuts had to be made across the board to remain within the budget as the Q60T is an economic choice.

A series is a collection of television programming that has a similar title and is generally related to a topic or some other kind of television broadcasting. The 2019 QLED entry-level televisions of Samsung are Q60 and Q60R. The price obviously is the principal difference between these models, and bigger screen sizes (75 and 82 inches) include Samsung’s Wide Viewing Angle technology that helps pictures keep color saturation from various perspectives. This is what does q60 series means.

Samsung q6dt vs q60t Comparison Chart

TVs Samsung Q6DT Samsung Q60T
Brand Samsung Samsung
Introduced 2020 2020
Display Technology LED LED
Backlighting Dual LED Dual LED
Upscaling Technology 4K Upscaling 4K Upscaling
Dimming Technology Supreme UHD Dimming Supreme UHD Dimming
Color Technology Quantum Dot Color Quantum Dot Color
HDR Support
  • HDR10
  • HDR10+
  • HLG
  • HDR10
  • HDR10+
  • HLG
Refresh Rate Technology Motion Rate 120 Motion Rate 120
Gaming Technology Game Mode with ALLM Game Mode with ALLM
Processor Quantum Processor 4K Lite Quantum Processor 4K Lite
Smart TV Platform Smart Hub Powered by TIZEN Smart Hub Powered by TIZEN
Remote Control TM2050A (Samsung OneRemote) TM2050A (Samsung OneRemote)
Control Support
  • Google Assistant
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Bixby
  • Google Assistant
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Bixby
Built-in Wifi 802.11ac 802.11ac
Speaker Type 2Ch 20W 2Ch 20W
eARC Support YES YES
HDMI/USB 3/2 3/2
Offered By Club Retailers (SamsClub, BJs, Costco) Common Retailers



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Samsung q60f

Samsung q60f has an LED 49-inch display. The series is QLED 60f. Connect USB, internet, Bluetooth, and DVI inputs. There are integrated speakers as well as 40-watt speakers.

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Samsung q6dt vs q60t

The Q60 replaces the 49-inch with a 50-inch, throws it in a 58-inch measuring device, and reaches a massive 85-inch display. It looks impressive with 4K film and even adequately increases lower-resolution video. Samsung’s q6dt, on the other hand, is a 49-inch touchscreen LED model. The series is QLED 6dt. Connection is provided through USB, internet, Bluetooth, and DVI interfaces. There are integrated speakers as well as 40-watt speakers.

Size Variation

Screen Size Q6dtScreen Size Q60T

Picture Quality

HDR Brightness Q6dTQ60T
Real Scene Highlight271 cd/m²
438 cd/m²
Peak 2% Window 161 cd/m²
258 cd/m²
Peak 10% Window 292 cd/m²
474 cd/m²
Peak 25% Window 291 cd/m²
474 cd/m²
Peak 50% Window 291 cd/m²
474 cd/m²
Peak 100% Window 291 cd/m²
474 cd/m²
Sustained 2% Window 138 cd/m?252 cd/m²
Sustained 10% Window 291 cd/m²
472 cd/m²
Sustained 25% Window 291 cd/m²
472 cd/m²
Sustained 50% Window 291 cd/m²
472 cd/m²
Sustained 100% Window 291 cd/m²
472 cd/m²
Automatic Brightness Limiting (ABL)0.042

A motion technology based on Motion Rate 120 is incorporated in Samsung Q6DT and Q60T. We can watch our favorite movies or sports on it with smooth motion images. Also, with the Motion Rate 120 of those two TVs, we can find Auto Game Mode that supports ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) to ease gaming on those two TVs.

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The QLED 60, 70, and 80 series:

The Q60A features a Samsung Crystal Processor 4K, while the Q70A has an AI learning 4K Quantum Processor. Later will always triumph in finer visual detail, upscaling, and higher color gradations (which make it appear more realistic). HDR support is the same for both models. Thanks to the layer ‘Ultra View Angle,’ the Q80R offers better reflection control and a larger viewing angle. The QLED 60, 70, and 80 series are all seen here.

Samsung q6dt vs q60t:

The Samsung Q60t QLED is significantly superior to the Samsung Q6dt QLED. It enables local dimming and improves black uniformity to function better in dim situations. If you have a bright room, the Q60R can be enhanced.


Samsung’s QLED TVs for 2019 are Q60. Prices and larger screen sizes are the primary variations between the different editions (75- and 82-inches). The Samsung Q6dt is an excellent TV for a range of purposes. With bright colors and fluid motion, it can generate high-definition pictures because of the wide color palettes and the excellent brightness, highlights in HDR material sparkle.

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Samsung q65 vs. q70:

The only difference is one of the looks between the Samsung Q65 and the Samsung Q65. Silver is the Q65 color. It is also unique in the United Kingdom. The Samsung Q70 is an excellent TV for a wide range of uses. With bright colors and fluid motion, it can generate high-definition pictures.

Best buy 75q60t:

This display has a 4K LED display. It has a 75-inch screen. Edge-Lit is the sort of backlighting. It comes in a black QLED series of charcoal. The manufacturer’s unique technologies include Ultra Slim Array, Quantum HDR 4X, Ambient Mode, WideViewing Angle, and Smart TV with Universal Guide + Bixby. HDMI, ethernet, headphones, RF antenna, Bluetooth and DVI inputs, and a one-year guarantee are included.

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