Samsung QVO vs EVO [Comparison & Review 2022]

If you want to buy a new SSD, you should select one of Samsung’s EVO and QVO models. Both are great options, but which of these consumer SSDs is the best for gaming? SSDs are the main important for gaming PCs, so choosing the right SSD is important. In this article, we’ll compare both SSD to find the top one.

Samsung differentiates its SSDs in different lines. But, unfortunately, the two main types Samsung QVO and EVO, confused the people about which one is best. Samsung SSDs fall into two main categories: consumer SSDs and enterprise-grade SSDs that are Samsung qvo vs Evo ps4

Here SSDs are divided into two types: SSD for OEM customers and SSD for retail customers. As you know, SSD drives use NAND flash memory to store data. TLC stands for TripleLevel Cell and indicates that 3 bits of data are stored in memory. Our guide will help you distinguish between Samsung QVO and EVO SSD – it will help you choose the one that best suits your needs.


Qvo SSD meaning first consumer NAND Quad Cell (QLC) drive. QVO has the equal read and writes speeds as the EVO, but not best for 4K read and random write speeds. It also applies to your TBW of Samsung 860 Evo 1TB vs qvo in that it has a lower cost than EVO. It is available in three capacities: 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB. Its DRAM cache is available in 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB sizes, respectively. 60% less than EVO offers. Samsung has also reduced the warranty period to 3 years. Same as EVO, Samsung qvo vs.

Evo ps4 has Intelligent TurboWrite technology. But, it comes with a higher TurboWrite limit for the 2TB version, so you can enjoy more write speed during data transfer. When the cache reaches its maximum, TurboWrite tends to go out, resulting in a significant drop in write speed. The write speed can be reduced to 80 MB in one second. It offers high Samsung qvo longevity.

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The Samsung EVO SSD is the most popular SSDs when compared to Samsung Qvo vs Evo. It offers better performance if we compare it as Evo vs. qvo. It has a JMX controller paired with a 64-layer 3-bit 3D VNAND TLX flash memory. This 64-layer VNAND saves up to 30% energy compared to the previous 48 levels. The DRAM EVO cache capacity parameter is higher than that of QVO. Its sequential read speed is 550MB / s, and its sequential write speed is 520MB / s.

The 250GB EVO version has a TBW of 150TB, and the 4TB version has 2400TB TBW. So, it is the best-selling SATA SSD series of Samsung SSD qvo Evo pro available today. In some countries, sales are higher than two other brands, Samsung qvo vs Evo has long capitalized on the popularity of EVO. The company released faster models to beat the competition and cut prices every time competitors invaded the market. It also supports fast mode, Samsung’s DRAM caching algorithm. It helps improve performance and reduce flash wear. If we compared Samsung qvo vs Evo, QVO has a four-year warranty, EVO has a five-year warranty. However, it uses the same TurboWrite technology, which increases the write speed while transferring data.

By comparing all qualities, you can easily select which one fits your needs.

NVMe.SATA drives are 2.5 inches in size, connect to a SATA port, and require a power connection, so you don’t need to connect to a power source.

For a gaming PCEVO, SATA is 860 EVO, while QVO has SATA870 QVO SAT. So, You can choose four different SSDs, and three are standard SATA SSDs. But the EVO SATA m.2 is a solid-state drive that plugs directly into the two on your motherboard if you have one. Of course, this won’t happen if your motherboard hasn’t been around for many years, but be sure to check it out anyway.
Transfer Speed Difference

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QVO Transfer Speed

​​If you want to send a 30GB file from any SSD to a 1TB Samsung QVO SSD, you should need enough power; of course, what the QVO SSD will do with that data, you will store it in the QLC of your memory and your SLC memory at the same time, it was very fast at first, before than recorded, the Samsung QVO drive’s performance without Intelligent TurboWrite was around 80MB / s. Its write speed with Intelligent TurboWrite is around 560MB in one second.

It will take about 53 seconds to transfer a 30GB file to QVO Drive. Pretty fast, isn’t it? And then tell them that you want to assign another 30GB file immediately. What will happen next? After sharing 12GB of files at the same speed, your transfer will slow down and run at 80MB / s as it is now filled with a 42GB buffer and moves directly into the QLC memory, slower. That’s roughly four minutes for a second 30GB transfer!

EVO Transfer Speeds

You get that super fast speed back with Qvo vs Evo Samsung SSD. Its write speed with Intelligent TurboWrite is around 530MB in one second for transfer speeds of Samsung qvo SSD. if you want to transfer 30GB, it will take 56 seconds. This? How are you? Is the more expensive EVO slower? After transferring 12 GB of files at the same speed, the transfer will slow down and run at around 300 MB / s. I finished in almost a minute.

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Read and Write Speed of Samsung Qvo vs Evo


​​Your SSD’s read and write speed is essential, especially when it comes to gaming. The drive can write files to it sequentially and in random order. When comparing all SSD specs, they are all pretty much the same; however, the EVA SATA m.2 seems to have the lowest spec of the four. The best performance is the QVO.

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Having an SSD card with significantly more capacity will benefit you greatly, especially if you are playing more giant modern AAA games. Samsung qvo vs. Evo 250 GB for gaming is too little. The 500GB options that EVO offers are a good starting point. For those looking for a cheaper SSD. However, this disk fills up pretty quickly. The EVO SATA two don’t have 4TB of space, unlike the other three SSDs. QVO SATA has more capacity options. Comparing the price of QVO to EVO SATA, it is significantly cheaper for the same capacity, but an 8TB SSD is almost double the cost of an 870 4TB.

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Charging Speed ​​

The charging speed of an SSD card is important when it comes to gaming and Samsung Qvo vs Evo. If your SSD’s loading speed is passive, you can expect longer loading times and interruptions while playing. In general, the playability will be better. When comparing SATA SSDs to NVMe, both are excellent. While you can see a slight increase in speed with NVMe, SATA is more capable. The best 870 QVO showed a speed of 560 MB / s, the other three SSDs – 550 MB / s.


✅Low cost
❌Low warranty
✅Much reliable
✅Best for hardware encryption
✅Comes with 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB properties


✅Long warranty
❌TRIM performance issues
✅Super performance
❌Much costly
✅Great DRAM cloning

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Samsung Qvo vs Evo, Which one is best?

Samsung EVO is best than QVO, but not for all applications. Samsung qvo vs. Evo ps4 is a superb choice for working on high-quality files and much data transfer. However, if you need something else for general computing, gaming, or other workloads that do not require high storage performance, QVO SSD is for you and will save you a few dollars for games for Samsung QVO. But when comparing QVO and EVO, we recommend running client games on Samsung EVO SSD instead of Samsung QVO SSD. Significantly when the cache was maxed out and TurboWrite was paged out, using a QVO SSD as a gaming SSD is not as good as using an EVO SSD as a gaming SSD.

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