Samsung RU9000 vs TU8000【Which is Better?】

Samsung astonishes its customers every time with its amazing and advanced technology in mobile, tvs and other electronic stuff but sometimes customers still get confused between which product to choose for example Samsung ru9000 and tu8000. tu9000 is a 4k crystal UHD  smart tv with multiple features and on the other hand, there is a Ru8000 HDR 4K UHD smart led tv. The following article is given to illustrate the differences between smart tvs.


Features Samsung ru9000 Samsung tu8000
introduced 2020 2020
Display  LED LED
Backlight  Edge LED Edge LED
Resolution of display 4K UHD 4K UHD
Upscaling  UHD    UHD 
Dimming  No local dimming UHD Dimming
Colour  Dynamic crystal  Percolator
HDR support HDR






Motion  Motion Rate Index of 240 Motion rate 120
Gaming  Auto game mode Auto Game Mode
Picture processor Crystal Processor 4K Crystal Processor 4K
Smart tv platform Smart Tv Powered by TIZEN Smart Hub Powered by TIZEN
Google assistant and amazon alexa supported Supported

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Samsung ru9000

Samsung ru9000 with the dimensions of 57.3×35.4×13.1 withstand and the weight of the product is 57.5oz. It is designed to give us a smart design and in technology. According to the reviews of customers on the website of online purchase of Samsung, we came across varying reviews. Some customers are satisfied with their delivery and its quality but most of them are complaining about their screen passing out after three months of use and issue in google assistant.

Size Variation

Screen Size tu8000Screen Size ru9000
ru9000 size variation

The smart design tv is available in three different screen sizes 65 inches, 75 inches, and 85 inches but the rest of the features are common in each one.

Contrast ratio

HDR Brightness TU8000ru9000
Real Scene Highlight271 cd/m²
438 cd/m²
Peak 2% Window 161 cd/m²
258 cd/m²
Peak 10% Window 292 cd/m²
474 cd/m²
Peak 25% Window 291 cd/m²
474 cd/m²
Peak 50% Window 291 cd/m²
474 cd/m²
Peak 100% Window 291 cd/m²
474 cd/m²
Sustained 2% Window 138 cd/m?252 cd/m²
Sustained 10% Window 291 cd/m²
472 cd/m²
Sustained 25% Window 291 cd/m²
472 cd/m²
Sustained 50% Window 291 cd/m²
472 cd/m²
Sustained 100% Window 291 cd/m²
472 cd/m²
Automatic Brightness Limiting (ABL)0.042

It features a high contrast ratio to give deep blacks and black consistency, making it ideal for dark room viewing. However, due to its low peak brightness, it fails to overcome glare in bright conditions, despite having good reflection handling. It boasts a rapid response time for fast-moving pictures with less blur motion, and an optional Black Frame Insertion feature improves clarity even further. It has a reduced input lag, making gaming feel tremendously snappy, and it supports variable refresh rate (VRR) to reduce screen tearing. There is a withdrawal to this technology as it doesn’t give us a wide spectrum of color sequence as it has less brightness and low dimming issues. VA panel‘s sub-par viewing angles constrict the viewers to sit at wide viewing angles.

Samsung tu8000

Samsung tu8000 design

Samsung tu8000 with the resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 and the dimensions of  963.9 x 627.8 x 192.5 mm along with the stand. According to the reviews of the customers, the smart tv is highly recommended for its high screen quality results and sound experiences while the product may cause some issues to some of the customers with the shadowing of screen. It also has issues of display and screen blackout by customers after a few months.

Size Variation

Unlike Samsung ru9000, the Samsung tu800 comes in 6 different sizes and one of which is a 75-inch screen while it has other screen sizes which are 43”, 50”, 55”, 65”, 75”, and 85”.   

Samsung TU8000 VS Samsung AU8000 4K TV Comparison

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