Samsung TU7000 vs TU8000 【Comparison 2022】

If you want to buy an affordable 4K LED TV in 2022, you need to buy the Samsung TU8000 and TU7000, which Samsung unveiled as part of its 2020 TV lineup. The TU8000 has the best HDR brightness level in contrast to the TU7000. However, Both TVs are not bright enough to offer an HD gaming look on PS5, Xbox One S, Xbox Series X, etc. Besides this, The Samsung TU8000 comes with input levels Later than Samsung TU7000, although the difference is negligible. the TU8000 has a cable tuner, while the TU7000 has no antenna for direct connection.
Samsung tu7000 vs. tu8000 Similarities

As the two non-QLED TVs from Samsung’s 2020 TV lineup, you’ll find some similarities, but there are some differences between the Samsung TU8000 and TU7000 but TU8000 is best. Why is Samsung TU8000 the best choice? With better specs and features like this, the Samsung TU8000 is the top choice if you don’t mind spending a little more on the Samsung TU8000. The Samsung TU7000 is the entry-level model in Samsung’s 2020 TV lineup.

Samsung TU7000 vs TU8000 2022

Models Samsung TU8000 Samsung TU7000
Price Check Price Check Price
Introduced 2020 2020
Display Technology LED LED
Backlight Technology Edge LED Edge LED
Display Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Upscaling Technology UHD Upscaling UHD Upscaling
Dimming Technology UHD Dimming UHD Dimming
Color Technology PurColor PurColor
HDR Support HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG
Motion Technology Motion Rate 120 Motion Rate 120
Gaming Technology Auto Game Mode Auto Game Mode
Picture Processor Crystal Processor 4K Crystal Processor 4K
Smart TV Platform Smart Hub Powered by TIZEN Smart Hub Powered by TIZEN
Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa Supported Supported
Built-in Wi-fi 802.11ac 802.11ac
Speaker System 2Ch 20W 2Ch 20W

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Gaming Technology

The gaming technology of the Samsung 7 series vs. the Samsung 8 series is similar. Both have a Motion Rate of 120. Motion Rate 120 is the primary motion control technology for Samsung 4K LED TVs. When we used these two TVs as gaming monitors, smoothly moving images, we could also find the automatic gaming mode built into the Samsung TU8000 and TU7000. Optimize your display for gaming to minimize input lag when using these two TVs as gaming monitors

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UHD Dimming and PurColor

We can see that the Samsung TU8000 and TU7000’s dimming and color technologies are similar. Both compare Samsung 7100 vs. 8000 has UHD Dimming which is the best dimming technology. They also have PurColor as color technology. Screen, while PurColor brings vibrant color details to the top of the glass screens of these two TVs.

HDR Support

Both TVs, Samsung TU8000 and TU7000, supports HDR. Both are already HDR10, HDR10 +, and HLG compatible. With HDR10 and HLG support, you can enjoy the best contrast with many HDR contents.

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4K UHD Resolution

Screen Size tu8000Screen Size tu7000

If we compare Samsung 7000 vs 8000, both have 4K UHD resolution. The 4K UHD resolutions of these two TVs are also complemented by higher UHD resolution so that you can enjoy superior picture quality not only for original 4K content but also for non-4K content upscaled to a higher rate. The picture quality is close to 4K.

Smart TV platform

The innovative TV platform that comes with Samsung tu7000 vs. tu8000 is similar. Both come with smart hubs that work with Tizen. Smart Hub can deliver a variety of premium entertainment from your favorite content providers with the fast Internet access provided by 802.11ac wireless connectivity from the Samsung tu7000 vs. tu8000. We can also see that both the Samsung TU8000 and TU7000 are already compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa so that you can comfortably control these two TVs.

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Speaker System

You can search a similar speaker system attached with the Samsung TU8000 and TU7000. Both come with 20W 2-channel speakers. It is just an average system, but you can still enjoy good sound quality from these two TVs because Dolby Audio already supports them. If you are more into sound, you need to hook up an additional soundbar to these two TVs for more powerful surround sound that suits your sound preferences.

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Samsung tu7000 vs. tu8000 differences

let’s examine the difference between these Samsung tu7000 vs. tu8000.

Ambient Mode

The main opposite feature of Samsung tu7000 vs. tu8000 is Ambient Mode, which is present in Samsung TU8000. Ambient mode allows us to display art screensavers and photographs at low brightness levels when not watching TV.

Game Motion Plus

Both the Samsung TU8000 and TU7000 have the same 120 movement speed as in automatic game mode, and we can see that the Samsung TU8000 is also enhanced with Game Motion Plus. This feature allows you to have a great gaming experience when you use the Samsung tu850 gaming monitor.


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The number of USB ports on Samsung tu7000 vs. tu8000 is varied. Samsung TU8000 has 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports, while Samsung TU7000 only has 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port. With more ports than HDMI / USB, you can connect more devices to the Samsung TU8000 simultaneously.


Considering its price point, we can see that the Samsung TU8000 is usually offered at a higher price than the Samsung TU7000 for similar screen size.

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Remote control

Both Samsung TU8000 and TU7000 come with different remote control. The Samsung TU8000 comes with the TM2050A, and the Samsung TU7000 comes with the TM1240A having the best remote control also a built-in microphone.

HDR Brightness

HDR Brightness TU8000TU7000
Real Scene Highlight271 cd/m²
248 cd/m
Peak 2% Window 161 cd/m²
139 cd/m
Peak 10% Window 292 cd/m²
271 cd/m
Peak 25% Window 291 cd/m²
269 cd/m
Peak 50% Window 291 cd/m²
268 cd/m
Peak 100% Window 291 cd/m²
267 cd/m
Sustained 2% Window 138 cd/m?138 cd/m
Sustained 10% Window 291 cd/m²
270 cd/m
Sustained 25% Window 291 cd/m²
268 cd/m
Sustained 50% Window 291 cd/m²
267 cd/m
Sustained 100% Window 291 cd/m²
267 cd/m
Automatic Brightness Limiting (ABL)0.042
Prices Check Price Check Price

Both the Samsung tu7000 vs. tu8000 come with deficient brightness levels. These two Samsung 2020 TVs do not have excellent HDR brightness, so these features are missing. TVs against each other, the TU8000 stands out with a higher level of intelligence in HDR mode in absolute scene peak brightness, 2% HDR – Peak Window, 10% HDR – Peak Window, 25% HDR Peak Window, 25% Window. HDR peak 50%, HDR peak window 100%, HDR window support 2%, HDR window support 10%, HDR windows support 25%, HDR windows endorse 50%, and HDR windows support 100%.

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Mixed Input

The ru7100 free sync does not have an input, while the Samsung 8000 series brightness nit has. So, you can connect consoles easily.

GSYNC Support

Both Samsung tu7000 vs. tu8000 do not support GSYNC. However, it is a feature for NVIDIA graphics cards to change a smooth frame rate.

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Component inputs

TU7000 and TU8000 do not have component inputs.

Input Latency

Both Samsung tu7000 vs. tu8000 have significant input lag reduction. If you are going to connect your computer to a TU7000 or TU8000, the latency you have to focus on depends on the power of your computer to run the game at a specific resolution. If you are going to connect your computer to a TU7000 or TU8000, the latency you should focus on depends on the power of your computer to run the game at a specific resolution.


ModelsTU 8000TU 7000
Input Ports3 x HDMI Type A
1 x F-Type (RF Antenna)
1 x RCA (Composite)
1 x 2RCA (Analog Audio)
2 x HDMI Type A
1 x F-Type (RF Antenna)
Output Ports
1 x TOSLINK Optical (Digital Audio)1 x TOSLINK Optical (Digital Audio)
Audio Return Channel (ARC)
Not SpecifiedARC, eARC
Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)
Bluetooth 4.2 (Audio Output)Bluetooth 4.2 (Audio Output)
USB Ports
2 x USB 2.0 (Audio, Photo, Video)1 x USB 2.0 (Audio, Control, Photo, Video)
ControlRS-232CNot Specified

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