Samsung TU700d vs TU7000 [Which is Better?]

If you are looking to buy Samsung 4K LEDs at a reasonable price range then, this article is for you. So, let’s just start to know which one is better.

Samsung tu700d

Before comparing, let’s just have a small introduction of this 4K LED from Samsung. The best thing that you will enjoy in this LED is the 4K display not only for the original content but non-4K as well. The UHD dimming in this LED is the feature that increases the quality of contrast. If you want to enjoy real colors on your screen then, this LED can serve you in the best way. The Samsung tu700d is an amazing 4K LED that supports HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG as well. 

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Samsung tu7000

Another affordable 4K LED from the Samsung LED series is the tu7000. You can enjoy high-quality content on this LED tv with the best picture quality. This LED uses a crystal processor of 4K that makes sure that every picture is displayed in its natural colors. The Samsung tu7000 is available in different screen sizes. The smallest one is 43 inches and the biggest one is 75 inches. You can enjoy playing games and watching movies on this LED as it offers the best picture quality. 

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You will see many statements from different users on Samsung tu700d vs Samsung tu7000 Reddit. In this Samsung tu7000 review, you will get to know about the specifications of this 4K LED from this popular brand. The introduction for both the names Samsung tu700d and Samsung tu7000 is telling that this is the same LED with two names. This 4K LED is very good when you are in a dark room as it provides the best screening with a high-quality contrast ratio. 

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Comparison Chart

ProductSamsung TU700DSamsung tu7000
Price Check Price Check Price
Display TechnologyEdge-Lit LEDEdge LED
Upscaling Technology4K Upscaling4K Upscaling
Dimming TechnologyUHD DimmingUHD Dimming
Color TechnologyPurColorPurColor
HDR SupportHDR10, HDR10+, HLGHDR10, HDR10+, HLG
Motion TechnologyMotion Rate 120Motion Rate 120
Gaming TechnologyAuto Game Mode (ALLM)Auto Game Mode (ALLM)
Picture ProcessorCrystal Processor 4KCrystal Processor 4K
Smart TV PlatformSmart HubSmart Hub
Remote ControlTM1240A (Standard Remote)TM1240A (Standard Remote)
Google Assistant & Amazon AlexaSupportedSupported
Built-in Wifi802.11ac802.11ac
Speaker Type2Ch 20W2Ch 20W

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The design 

This 4K LED has a stylish design that makes it a beautiful tv to have on your table or mounted on your wall. It does not have a curved shape because it is a budget-friendly LED. The two stands on both sides give it an elegant look and are easy to place on the table. 

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Back and borders

Screen Size tu700dScreen Size tu7000

You can compare Samsung au7000 vs tu7000 but here let’s just know about the back and borders of the Samsung tu7000. The backside of this LED is very plain and has inputs that allow you to mount it on the wall. The border size is 0.9 cm which makes it look elegant. 

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Build quality and thickness

If you look at Samsung tu7000 vs tu8000 then, you will find that both have the same back. The Samsung tu7000 LED is not very thick which could make it look old-fashioned. This incredible LED is built decently which makes it suitable for you to have in your office and home as well. 

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HDR Brightness TU7000TU700d
Price Check Price Check Price
Real Scene Highlight248 cd/m2248 cd/m2
Peak 2% Window 139 cd/m2139 cd/m2
Peak 10% Window 271 cd/m2 271 cd/m2
Peak 25% Window 269 cd/m2269 cd/m2
Peak 50% Window 268 cd/m2268 cd/m2
Peak 100% Window 267 cd/m2267 cd/m2
Sustained 2% Window 138 cd/m2138 cd/m2
Sustained 10% Window 270 cd/m2270 cd/m2
Sustained 25% Window 268 cd/m2268 cd/m2
Sustained 50% Window 267 cd/m2267 cd/m2
Sustained 100% Window 267 cd/m2267 cd/m2
Automatic Brightness Limiting (ABL)0.046 cd/m20.046 cd/m2

If you compare Samsung tu7000 vs tu700d then, the contrast in the tu7000 is more good. Although, the tu7000 has a great contrast ratio that lets you enjoy gaming and watching movies. The ratio of native contrast of this 4K LED is 5110:1. 

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