TCL 5 Series vs 6 Series: Which is Better? 【2022】

TCL is a popular brand as far as TVs and LEDs are concerned. Many series have been launched by this brand one after another. All the series have their features and specifications depending on the price ranges. This article will be on TCL 6 series vs 5 series so that you could know which is better when TCL 5 series compared to 6 series tv. Many similar features are also available in both these series. So, if you are finding which is better, TCL 5 series or 6 series then, read out the difference between 5 and 6 series TCL tv in this article. 

TCL 5 series was launched before the 6 series. Although, the LEDs of both these series look almost the same as far as their design is concerned. You will find LEDs of the same size in both these series. If you are finding what is the difference between TCL series 5 and 6 then, the most prominent difference is the price tag. The 5 series LEDs are a bit cheaper and affordable for almost everyone. In contrast, the 6 series LEDs cost a great deal more than their 5 series counterparts. It is not like the 6 series is expensive without any reason. You will find the reason in the next sections to come. 

Comparison TCL 5 Series vs 6 Series

TCL 5 Series TCL 6 Series
Price range $400 – $1100 $650 – $1500
Screen sizes 50”, 55”, 65” and 75” 55”, 65”, 75”
Resolution 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
Supported formats Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG
Refresh rate 120Hz 120Hz
Ports 4x HDMI 2.1 4x HDMI 2.1
Audio 2.2 channel sound 4.2.2 channel sound
Smart TV software  Roku TVs  Roku TVs
Processor CPU: Quade-core / GPU: Quade-core CPU: Quade-core / GPU: Quade-core
Voice assistant Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant  Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

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Sizes with Prices

SizeTCL 5 SeriesTCL 6 Series

If you want to have a normal size LED then, TCL 5 series and TCL 6 series can provide you with that. Let’s talk about the size and design of TCL series 5. The series 5 is available in 4 different sizes i.e. 50 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, and 75 inches. The prices for these LEDs are $400 for 50 inches LED, $450 for 55 inches LED, $700 for 65 inches, and $1100 for 75 inches LED. Now, if you look at the size and price tags of the TCL 6 series LEDs then, you might get surprised with the price tags. 6 series LEDs are available in 55 inches at $650, 65 inches at $900, and 75 inches at $1400. So, if you want to change your traditional TV with a new LED then, series 5 is a good choice to start with as it is economical. If you want to have an LED with better picture quality and fast motion control then, series 6 is what you should pick. 

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HDR BrightnessTCL 5 SeriesTCL 6 Series
Real Scene Highlight ?247 cd/m²
885 cd/m²
Peak 2% Window 214 cd/m²
599 cd/m²
Peak 10% Window 376 cd/m²
986 cd/m²
Peak 25% Window 432 cd/m²
1,080 cd/m²
Peak 50% Window 358 cd/m²
790 cd/m²
Peak 100% Window 337 cd/m²
662 cd/m²
Sustained 2% Window 2213 cd/m²
597 cd/m²
Sustained 10% Window 2375 cd/m²
980 cd/m²
Sustained 25% Window 2429 cd/m²
1,072 cd/m²
Sustained 50% Window 3356 cd/m²
788 cd/m²
Sustained 100% Window ?335 cd/m²
660 cd/m²
Automatic Brightness Limiting (ABL) 20.040

Both series 5 and 6 from TCL are enriched with a lot of features that you want to have in your new LED. although, you will find the same features as well. TCL 6 series is worth it over 5 series because of the improvements in this series. Both 5 and 6 series have the best features to make your movie nights and matches exciting. They have smart built-in platforms that allow you to enjoy your favorite shows. You get full HDR support, Google assistant, and Dolby Atmos as well. These LEDs support HDR10, HLG, and Dolby vision as well. 

Some other features include contrast ratio and display technology that provides a great image quality. LEDs are used for seeing movies and playing games. If you are not having a nice image quality then, you will not enjoy watching movies and playing games on it. The contrast ratio allows you to have a screen of your colors. The display technology lets you set up the colors brighter or normal according to your requirements. Now, if you talk about the LED zones then, series 6 outstands series 5 with almost 3 times as many LED zones. It means if you are having an LED of the TCL 6 series then, you can adjust the right colors with more perfection. 

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Why is the 6 series better

You might be wondering why the 6 series is better when it is expensive? The 6 series is not expensive if you see the features it is providing. The display of an LED refreshes itself after every second and it tells which LED is better for gaming. The 5 series LEDs refresh 60 times every second and the 6 series LEDs refresh 120 times every second. So, you can understand why the TCL 6 series is better than the 5 series. You can enjoy next-level games of high-quality resolution without any pixel distortion. Apart from gaming, you can also enjoy live sports matches better on the series 6 LEDs. 

If your LED does not support ALLM and VRR then, your screen will start tearing. Fortunately, this does not happen when you are having an LED of 6 series. Although the series 6 LEDs also support PS5 gaming and XBOX as well. The picture quality of the 6 series is better than the 5 series because it covers 96% of the color on the display, which means that you will be having more color-rich content on the 6 series of TCL.

TCL 6 series 55 vs 65

If you compare TCL 6 series 55 vs 65 which is better for the price then, you can get the one that suits your budget and taste. The 55 inches LED is just 10 inches smaller than the 65 inches and there is a big price margin between these two. The difference is $250 when you compare TCL 6 series 55 vs 65. The only difference is the size and there will be no less feature between these 2 LEDs. so, if you want to have a bigger screen then, 65 inches would be your pick. And, if you are concerned about money then, 55 inches LED will be the perfect choice for you. 

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TCL 5, 6 series

Thinking about the TCL 5, 6 series, which one should I buy? If you do not care about the budget then, you should go with the LED of series 6. What’s the difference between TCL 4, 5, and 6 series? The technology gets better and better when you move towards the recently launched series as it comes with improvements. So, get an LED from series 6 if you do not care about the money or you can get the one that suits your budget. 

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